jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Strangest thing you've ever eaten...!!

This is an extra homework. It's for Blog Action Day and it's about FOOD...!!

The topic that I chose is "Strangest thing you've ever eaten"

Once I went to a self service restaurant with my family and I chose something that looked like "Medallones de Carne". It looked fabulous, smelt delicious and tasted wonderful, it had a juicy salsa which combined perfectly with my steamed potatoes. I ate all my plate and I noticed that my dad smiled frequently. When the waiter brought the bill, my dad proudly asked me if I liked what I had eaten, I said "Yes, the meat was excelent". He smiled again and told me that it wasn't meat, it was "Lengua de Vaca" xP

I was shocked, but it really was delicious.

"Lengua de Vaca en Salsa"

Well, this is my little history about the strangest thing I've ever eaten. Please leave a comment about it or about the strangest thing you've ever eaten.

Don't forget smile :D


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