jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011


Well, we still in Unit 2. In this activity, I will compare two restaurants and I'll use comparatives and superlatives. Also I will continue describing food and using adjectives to do it.

The restaurants that I chose are El Gaucho and Noi.

El Gaucho: It's a restaurant where you can eat food in an Argentinian style like "Parrillada Argentina", "Parrillada Gaucho", "Ensalada Milonga",... The food is all grill and delicious. The place is old, big, clean and elegant. The prices are expensive but the enviroment and good service are according to them. Is a save space which you can visit with your relatives and friends not only for lunch or dinner, but also to celebrate some event important in your life (Graduations, birthdays, communions,...). It is located in front of the "Plaza de la República".

El Gaucho

Noi: It's an Italian restaurant. It is more casual and informal than "El Gaucho". Also, it's smaller and newer. The food is delicious and appetizing. In the menu you will find every type of pastas, salads, "paninis" and pizzas. The place is clean, beautiful and bright. The prices are a little bit expensive, but they are cheaper compared with "El Gaucho" and like in this last, the service is good. Noi has an open terrace where you can have lunch or dinner while you enjoy the view of the city. It is located in the corner between 13 avenue and 71 street.

Well, those were the restaurants that I chose, I hope you visit them because they are both really good and leave me a comment about them...!!

Don't forget smile :D


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