jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

First Unit. People in my life...!! Relationships...!!

This is the first unit of level 5. It's about "People in my life" and "Relationships".

Here is a little bit of who's the people in my life and why are they so important to me...!!

My Family:

My mom Eddy and my dad Regino are very important to me because they always take care of me and guide me :) I really love them.

My little sister Mariana always makes me laugh and I love hanging out with her <3.

My friends:

My best friends Andrea and Luis are like members of my family because they are always there for me :) and I can always count on them.

And finally my closest friends from school are Genesis and Javier. I like spending time with them because they are really funny and we always are laughing when we are together.

Well, this was the people in my life, I hope you like and please leave a comment...!!

Don't forget smile :D


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